Hello Immigrant Heritage Month!

Its June which means it is officially Immigrant Heritage Month! Those that know me or follow me on social media know that I am an immigrant from the Bahamas & my story is quite complicated, one in which I use to never feel comfortable talking about Continue reading Hello Immigrant Heritage Month!


No Churn Toasted Coconut Ice Cream.

Ice cream can be a long process if you break it down. You have to make the custard, then put it in an ice bath to cool, then get an ice cream maker; make sure the bowl for the Icecream maker is frozen, then churn churn churn. Listen, it’s A LOT.  Continue reading No Churn Toasted Coconut Ice Cream.

Farmers Markets.

Every Thursday and Friday  I noticed there are mini farmers markets on my way to work, one in the ferry terminal & another about a 5 min walk from the Staten Island Ferry. I decided to take a look around today at the one in the ferry terminal called Wilklow Orchards, Continue reading Farmers Markets.

Restaurant Review: Ruchi Indian Cusine.

My oh my! So part of my hiatus included me obtaining a new job (yay me!) and today my coworker who is Indian decided to take me out for lunch.

We went to Ruchi Indian Cusine literally a 5 minute walk from the workplace. Continue reading Restaurant Review: Ruchi Indian Cusine.

Tisha’s Kitchen Takeover: Buka Stew

In honor of Black History Month I thought what better way to celebrate it on Tisha’s Kitchen than featuring a dish from the motherland itself, and I chose Nigeria! Continue reading Tisha’s Kitchen Takeover: Buka Stew