Mango Chili Medley Shrimp Stir Fry.

Last weekend was CURLFEST ! An event dedicated to black magic and the natural curls, locs, braids, fros, hair products & just a bunch of black joy that’s born within our culture, complete VIBES! I recommend you make it to this event at least once, its beautiful (pictures below). Well, Continue reading Mango Chili Medley Shrimp Stir Fry.


Behind #TKSaturdays…

This past Saturday I had my first #TKSaturday! This is something that I have been planning for a few months now and seeing it actually come to life was such a great feeling! Although I just started planning a few months ago, this is something people closest to me and some I don’t even know have been telling me to do for a long time now. For me it just wasn’t the right time, I wasn’t ready & although you can never fully prepare yourself for things like this, mentally I was not there at the time.

My passion for cooking stems from my mom. I was always in the kitchen with her, sometimes by force haha, but I loved it! Cooking is honestly therapeutic to me. When planning Tisha Kitchen Saturdays I questioned whether it would still be that calm peaceful environment that I’m use to, just me and my music & now camera for blogging purposes. This is why I created to share what I do step by step, to encourage and help others that may want to try certain things. This too is a learning experience for me also, with every recipe I post I learn something new by breaking it down step by step.

Now here I am allowing people to come into my space & taste my food, I almost feel naked! I’m so sensitive about my cooking; its like my baby and at times I really don’t want people too close, or to not understand my cooking techniques or flavors. This sounds crazy but it’s the real deal and what kept me from doing this for so long, besides analysis paralysis. So yea, this past Saturday was my first crack at it & it was definitely overwhelming, I even cried at a certain point, because I wanted it to be perfect, I wanted it to go smooth and so many people showed up for this it was completely unexpected. In my world no one knows me and most times on social media I feel like I’m talking to myself & I’m perfectly fine with it! haha So when I received responses on my pre-launch I was like okay this is cool people are for it, but when I literally started getting calls at 11:00am (start time) on Saturday I was like no way, its happening. It was a great feeling but I almost couldn’t completely bask in it because of my nerves! Either way it was a success and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my family and friends! I cant thank everyone that came out enough! & I will be continuing this for more Saturdays to come! All in all it was a great feeling & I’ve let go of the fear to let people in so feel free to send me feedback I’m all for it ! Good and bad.

I don’t want to completely drift away from my blogging and I have a lot more in store for Tisha’s Kitchen, this is only the beginning. So although #TKSATURDAYS will only be for a limited time there’s still more to expect and I do hope to grow with you all in every step of this amazing journey.



Happy Eating!

Tisha 🙂