Grow NYC – Farmers Market

Today I stopped by a farmers market on my lunch break. I usually see them while I’m on my way to work but I’m generally in too much of a rush to stop by. This farmers market is operated by Grow NYC which is a service organization for New Yorkers, they ensure a healthy, clean and safe environment for the present and the future. Grow NYC is also behind the Union Square Greenmarket which is well known across the country. There are also programs for children and volunteer work. There’s a great want for bringing the whole “farm to table” notion into play and I think its a great idea! Farmers are extremely hard workers, I have a little vegetable garden in my backyard & its a lot of work so I can only imagine the hard work and patience required to be a farmer. Its great that organizations like Grow NYC are around to give these farmers a platform to share their crops that are organic, unprocessed and good for your body all while rightfully earning the money for it to make a living. I personally love the feel of going to farmers markets, it makes me feel like not only am I doing the body good I’m contributing to a good and beneficial cause. We definitely need to keep these markets around by going out and supporting our local farmers markets, its a win win ! This particular farmers market is in downtown Manhattan in front of the Bowling Green train station on Broadway & they are usually there on Tuesdays from 8am-5pm.

I’ll highlight two of my favorite stands, one which sells more baked goods than actual crops, Meredith’s Bakery from Upstate, NY Yes! they travel every Tuesday to downtown Manhattan to sell their cakes,  breads, pies, jams and even dog treats! My favorite is their banana nut bread, oh my goodness, the bomb, almost as good as my mom’s. Today I was too late, it was all sold out 😦 so I decided to try their lemon pie, it was okay just a bit too tart for me; its just not the banana bread. I also tried their pecan pie (pecans are my favorite type of nuts) which was SO yummy! Meredith’s pies come in little lite sizes which is perfect for portion control and on the go.


Next up is Row by Row Farm which was founded by Dakota and Mira Miller and is located in Hurley, NY. Check out their website for awesome pictures of their farm. When I stopped by this stand what stood out to me most was the different types of kale. I love kale, its actually my preferred green for salads. I’ve only had the curly kale but the farmer explained the Tuscan kale to me which had a more velvet thick leaf, felt extremely hearty. I ended up buying my regular curly kale because I had something in mind to cook tonight which is why I ended up here in the first place but next time I will definitely give them a try. She also explained that the Tuscan kale is more for smoothies, which wasn’t on my menu for tonight lol. I also got some scallions. cauliflower and yummy strawberries. Row by Row was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in  explaining the different vegetables, how to cook them and their benefit to the body. It was an insightful and tasty lunch break!



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