Tops Diner

Tops Diner is a place I came across about a year or so ago and fell in love with ever since. I don’t go often because of its location but when I do it never disappoints. This place is literally your one stop shop. There’s a bakery, a bar, you can have dinner, breakfast, lunch, brunch anything & they have awesome milkshakes and drinks. Its located in East Newark, New Jersey and has been around since 1942! In some ways it still has that nostalgic old diner vibe you see in black and white movies lol. Their customer service is impeccable. I just love coming here on random days when I’m in the mood for good old Diner food made with LOVE. I had their Lobster Mac & Cheese on my recent visit there, it wasn’t my first time getting it, I just love it so much I cant seem to break away from it & their menu sometimes overwhelms me with all of the options! Another favorite of mine is the coconut milkshake, my goodness, so rich and perfect especially is you’re a coconut lover. I’d definitely suggest you give this place a try if you’re ever in the area, they also do catering!






Sun to Thu 6am — 1am

Fri & Sat 6am — 2am





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