Hello Immigrant Heritage Month!

Its June which means it is officially Immigrant Heritage Month! Those that know me or follow me on social media know that I am an immigrant from the Bahamas & my story is quite complicated, one in which I use to never feel comfortable talking about but of course that has changed. I’m deeply rooted and invested in all things immigration. I am DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) which is an immigration benefit passed through executive action by former President Barack Obama. I also work full time at an immigration law firm as an administrative assistant, SO this is my life besides food of course! This year I’ve promised to be more proactive during this Immigrant Heritage Month. While undocumented and in college I was in a group call NYSYLC where young adults like myself would come together to help assist other immigrants in the community and come up with ways to rally, protest & reach out to political officials to change laws pertaining to immigrant youth.

I know what you’re thinking, how does this pertain to food. Well, Immigrant Heritage Month is about exploring your roots, learning and honoring other cultures and coming together to solidify the fact that its immigrants and cultures from around the world that bring the diversity & rare tales of America. Food alone can be one of the many reasons people of different cultures come together, the history behind it, the spices and ingredients used from different countries, recipes passed down from ancestors that are being used on food trucks and restaurants that are ran and owned by immigrants today, everything connects.

A few days ago IAmAnImmigrant.com had a pop up shop and I couldn’t be more excited to be in attendance! I came across this platform on social media and have been following their efforts to bring awareness to the many immigrants in this country and the people that support them. This years theme is #IStandWithImmigrants definitely check out their website for more information. Their event last week included Guest chef tasting! where chefs prepared finger foods that reflect their immigrant heritage, stage reading of the immigration history in the US, Know Your Rights Service training with NYIC (New York Immigration Coalition) ,Children’s projects, movie screening and more! They will be doing a tour for the entire month of June, currently they are in Vegas so if you’re in that area definitely visit their website & check them out!





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