Los Angeles Eats!

It was time for a vacation! A quick trip to LA with my girls was much needed! I know I’ve neglected my blog a bit but with TKSaturdays in effect and going strong time has really been scarce. I won’t lie I do miss this! And I’ll be back sooner than later when I end TKSaturdays to move on to my next venture but for now lets talk about Cali & its food! This was a birthday trip for my girlfran Quene & the trip deets will be on her blog Qwanders.com so definitely check it out!

I loved Cali before I even stepped foot there, haha (blame The Hills). I’ve wanted to go there for quite some time now but never went so this was an exciting opportunity for me. I was in complete vacation mode and I sure did EAT! I knew that I wanted to write about this so I did take pictures and tried new things although 90% of it was mostly tacos. Another trip will have to be made for a more extensive food tour but until then from what I did manage to consume I’d say Cali and New York are definitely neck in neck when it comes to this food thang. Of course LA is heavily influenced with Spanish food and culture where as to me New York is more diverse when it comes to food BUT I may be biased because I didn’t really explore the food scene the way I could have. So I’ll leave that up in the air for now. I have a quick run though of some of the places we went to, also some pictures from the trip to follow! 🙂

We started things off at Border Grill & I had a vegetarian taco that was made of potatoes called the Crispy Potato Rajas, it was delicious! Sometimes I feel like some sort of meat/seafood is needed in certain dishes & I was a little unconvinced about a potato taco but it was so good, I also had a chicken taco just for balance lol and it was great also! Next we went to Plan Check which was not really my cup of tea I had their Pastrami French Fries which was different and had lots of potential, my friends on the other hand were disappointed in the lack of flavor in their food & I tried their spicy chicken sandwich and wasn’t impressed at all. The next day I had a refreshing Peach Mango Bubble tea from a Bubble Tea truck outside The Broad Museum; which by the way greeted me with a stack full of plates upon entrance to the museum, how fitting. I had Surf & Turf tacos that were amazing & I don’t remember the name of the location because drinks were involved that night, haha! On our last day we did Brunch at The Waffle, listen, so good. I has French toast, fried chicken, home fries, eggs and bacon.. I wasn’t there to play, obviously. With all that food none of it was a disappointment. Surprisingly somewhere very popular did, Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles, it may have been the location but I just wasn’t interested and didn’t understand the hype, I had the Obama Special & I didn’t even finish my food. I won’t count them out though, I’d definitely give another location a try. Oh! and there was Poppy and Rose, this place stood out to me because of the setup of their restaurant. You place your order, pay for it, get seated and they bring it out to you. There’s awesome crowd control and after you eat you up and leave without having to wait to pay your bill, makes sense right?! And their food was great, I had their biscuit and gravy with eggs and an arugula salad, yum yum & yum!


From all of that I know that there’s so much more to explore I have a Pinterest board full of Cali eats and I follow a bunch of foodstagrams, so I know I barely scratched the surface but ill be back! Over all it was a great well needed trip, one of many!


Happy Eating!










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