The Transition…2017

Hey hey my fellow foodie lovers and TK supporters.. I’m 2 weeks late but Happy New Year!! This post is just a quick transition post to let you all know what’s been going on and a shy glimpse into what I have planned for this year..

Last year was not my best and I’m glad it’s all behind me…I’ve taken note of my mistakes and habits that I definitely need to work on this year. I don’t know if it’s the feeling that comes with a new year, but I truly feel like this will be a great year! For me personally & Tisha’s Kitchen … you can only repeat things bout so many times before you finally say “okay this isn’t working anymore it’s time to do things differently” and I feel as though I’m at that point! I’m 25 with so much creativity & ideas to offer… I’m happy with where I am currently;  I’ve come a LONG way honey! But I’m not one to get too comfortable.

This year I would like to bring a lot more to my blog and definitely be more consistent, this is honestly my passion. I got caught up with a lot last year and some things were beyond my control. I’ve set my mind and my goals for this year and I will be more active not just with recipes, I’d also like to attend lots of foodie events (shoot me an email if you know of any in the NYC area !) and I just want to get out and network more, blog about all of my ventures; traveling to different states and hopefully different countries soon! Just branching out overall and not limiting myself…

I’m also starting Tisha Kitchen Saturdays (#TKSaturdays) where a few Saturdays out of the month I’ll be selling some of my dishes to the locals in my area, so stay tuned for that also if you’re in my area 😊

All in all it’s been an amazing learning experience & I’d like to say thank you to everyone that’s been with me from the beginning and welcome to everyone that’s joining me now. I appreciate every single one of you. ❤ -Tisha’s Kitchen . 


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