Food Review: Dig Inn

I actually had no plans to buy lunch today. I told myself that I’d just take a walk on my lunch break and that’s that. Who was I kidding? On my walk I came across this  “market” as they called it and it had such a long line, so of course I was curious. I walked in and the ambiance had this farm fresh, earth friendly, needs salt feel. So I hopped on line & decided to give it a try. You pick a protein, a grain & two sides. Cool. I had quinoa, lemon chicken, kale & mac and chesse. Okay, rule of thumb probably should be to never try mac and cheese at a healthy food spot but I like to take my chances, lol.

Everyone there is super nice and friendly even with it being so busy. If you want to dine in you seat yourself at one of there cute wooden tables that accompany you with a little vase that has a fresh pink flower in it, nice lil vibe.

Let’s talk food! The presentation of the food is pretty blah & if I had to go off looks i’d say this looks like cafeteria food, I won’t even try to make these pics looks appealing this is the real deal. Then again I’m not at a restaurant, can’t complain too much.

So I’m quinoa obsessed at this point and their quinoa was great. They had cucumber slices in it and mint, such a weird combo that worked so well. The lemon chicken was sooo flavored and tender it was baffling. My favorite part was the kale! Omg what exactly did they put in it? I don’t know, It was perfect; seasoned to perfection. I could’ve had just that and be satisfied. The mac and cheese was also surprisingly good, my only critique would be that it had a bit too much liquid but the flavors were all there.

I initially sat at my table, looked at the salt shaker & thought to myself “I’m definitely going to need you” but it wasn’t the case at all. Everything tasted yummmy & since trying to eat a bit more healthier on SOME days (lol) I’ve realized that I get a different type of full, the full that doesn’t have me drained and uncomfortable or over stuffed. And not to mention the entire meal came up to $8!

Dig Inn gets 4 healthy forks.


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