Farmers Markets.

Every Thursday and Friday  I noticed there are mini farmers markets on my way to work, one in the ferry terminal & another about a 5 min walk from the Staten Island Ferry. I decided to take a look around today at the one in the ferry terminal called Wilklow Orchards, they’re from Upstate New York. It’s just so amazing how different these fruits and veggies feel, smell and look! I totally understand the hype & I guess I understand the price; it does take more labor, maintenance and patience to grow these things naturally. Okay, maybe I understand the price to an extent, because these things can get pretty pricey & realistically they can only cook about a meal or two before it starts adding up in cost, but I do think its a great investment health wise.

I’ve been trying to eat healthier and lose a couple pounds, that’s been a bit of a struggle for me these days (listen, I’m human.) I’m trying here, but the farmers market is definitely a great place to aide in healthy weight loss, you can get fresh produce that hasn’t been messed with, cloned, sprayed with poison, or has something in it that you can’t pronounce because it has 12 syllables. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against going to your local Shoprite or Western Beef, I shop there too, I’m just saying..moderation is key.

So I took a few pictures, if you ever come across a farmers market in your area definitely check it out & buy a thing or two, it’s also great to just support your local farmers, their job isn’t easy at all. I’ll be doing more posts about farmers markets as I visit them and get more familiar with them.

Currents, great antioxidant.

My mom bought this Apple Cider from them once, it was amazing.
Each apple has a different name; each with rheir own unique taste and crunch.
Organic strawberries are much smaller than the ones you buy in the grocery store.
Simple ingredients.
Organic Jams made with the fruits from the farm.


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