Neapolitan Express.

Let’s talk bad turned good; a twist on what’s suppose to be unhealthy turned healthy? I don’t know, but I came across this gem on one of my many walks on my lunch break. It’s a modern day “healthy” pizzeria. Through research I know that Neapolitan pizza originated in Naples, Italy & they’re known for making their pizza with very simple and basic ingredients; nothing too fussy, they’re usually also not sold by the slice because they contain more sauce than cheese for a more wet center dough, so they usually come in small personal pies. Okay, enough history,  the décor here is neat, clean cut and simple, white everything & little stools for you to sit on, it’s a fairly small place, they don’t cater to much dine in guests, I guess that why its called “express”-get cho stuff and go. All of the ingredients used are organic and natural, no GMOs or high fructose, even the flour for their dough is unbleached and…healthy.

At this point I am automatically thinking this can go really really left, because I know good pizza, but I took my shot.I had the “Bianca” which is fresh mozzarella, garlic, oregano, parmigiano reggiano & extra virgin olive oil. I also added pepperoni & arugula.

Arugula overload.

The personal pie comes in a really cool eco friendly box that can me made into a plate, or a smaller box if you can’t finish, how thoughtful & earth friendly. Now to the pizza itself, it was great! There were slivers of garlic under the cheese which were perfect because it wasn’t too harsh but you still had that fresh garlic taste, everything tasted so fresh but not to the point where it didn’t taste like pizza.

Garlic Slivers, yum.

One thing I would suggest is next time telling them to ease up on the arugula it was a bit overwhelming but for the most part I enjoyed it. I also noticed that I didn’t have that overly full, drained, stuffed feeling I get after a slice or two, it was filling but not heavy and I liked that. I definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for that guilty pleasure but trying to stay on the healthy side, it doesn’t beat the $1 slice you can get at some places but it’s definitely a healthier option! Oh, They also have sanwhiches and salads if pizza isn’t your thang. This place get a healthy 4 forks. 🍴😊



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