Restaurant Review: Ruchi Indian Cusine.

My oh my! So part of my hiatus included me obtaining a new job (yay me!) and today my coworker who is Indian decided to take me out for lunch.

We went to Ruchi Indian Cusine literally a 5 minute walk from the workplace.


From the walk in it was like I left NY and some how ended up in Mumbai, India. The decor is beautiful & so cultured ,the lights on the ceiling were my favorite. In India & Guyana they celebrate a festival called Deepavali which means the Festival of Lights & it definitely came to life in this restaurant, I can go on about decor but let’s talk food!

I ordered the Lamb Kadhai it was….perfect, now with me lamb can get tricky, I don’t like it too soft and if it’s too tough just forget about it, but this lamb was cooked just right. I had it with naan which was yummy also, I’ve had horrible naan before believe it or not. It was soft yet had the particular crisp, oiled but not drenched..flawless lol. Everything was just on point the flavors were great and of course with Indian food there is the whole curry, cumin, turmeric etc. which all came through in abundance in this dish, everything meshed perfectly, oh! And it was happy hour so everything on the menu was 50% off, like c’mon! This place is like a hidden gem in the financial district of Manhattan & I recommend you go there asap! This place gets 4 1/2 forks out of 5 🍴


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