My Insane Unexplainable, Non Excusable, Hiatus.

Okay I actually have no excuse for this, at all. I mean I do, but I would hate to bring them here; I wish I could say this hiatus was due to me travelling the globe trying different kinds of food to come back with so many new recipes and food reviews. Not the case, but soon hopefully, lol. I’m sorry for this absence, a lot has been going on but truth of this entire matter is that I’m back !:) I’ve never stopped cooking, I just had a brief hiatus from blogging and things are now in order.

You know, sometimes life throws things at you and you have to figure them out, rearrange a few things, cut, destroy, add, and multiply some thangs lol. That’s all been going on, then I had to really think of my time management and how much I SUCKED at it; although I’m sure it’s something I won’t ever fully grasp, I had to TRY. I’m not going to say this won’t ever happen again because life happens, but I will do my upmost best to make sure it doesn’t.

I missed doing this, sitting in front of my computer talking, laughing, smiling and gawking at food pics, just to share with you all. Missed it a lot.

Here are some things I’ve been working on but haven’t been able to post, more coming..with the recipes!

Curry shrimp & crab legs with rice
Coconut curry rice with seared salmon & asparagus .
Zuchinni noodles with spicy ground turkey .
Homemade spaghetti sauce.



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