Cleaning Up!

So it’s time for me to get it together & shed some pounds! I haven’t been completely comfortable with my weight gain lately, not that I feel huge but I just know I can feel better inside and out so I decided to start a cleanse/challenge to get myself back on track. Of course I won’t be able to cleanse unless my blog cleanses too so just thought I’d give the heads up before you start wondering where are the breads, pastas (OMG pasta <3) and rice. They wont be completely gone, trust me; I just need to start doing things in moderation, so from this post on my recipes will be a bit more on the healthier side. I don’t feel I cook unhealthy but there are some things I can cut back on and that’s what I’ll be doing. My challenge is 20 pounds by August, a birthday gift to myself ! And I’m positive if I’m consistent and dedicated it can be done.

As far as food reviews, I might have to cheat here and there, when I go out to eat I want to try different things and give you guys the full experience!  I don’t think it’ll hurt being that I don’t go out to eat too often (I think 🙂 ) & I know there are healthy menu options also so…moderation.

I’m going to try to make things fun & of course always tasty ! I don’t want things to get bland and boring. Eating clean doesn’t have to equate to that. So with clean eating, exercising & dedication I think the next 5 months should be great & I’m excited to hopefully help you switch it up with my recipes!


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