Hollywood, FL Food Review: Bistro 1902

So a week ago 15 other friends and I went on vacay to Ft Lauderdale for a friend’s birthday. Yes, there were 16 of us and it was an amazing trip with no confusion and drama, well planned out by my fellow blogger & friend Qwanders.com, definitely check her blog out for travel tips to help you get out on a budget, with a group, by yourself..whichever she has the answers! Of course while out there, food is always life 🙂 so when we went to brunch I thought perfect opportunity to blog about Bistro 1902.IMG_2149Because it was such a large group of us & the weather was awesome we decided to brunch outdoors and they were very helpful in making sure we were together by bringing ALL the tables that were outside together to accommodate us, lovely!

Bunch of Good Lookin’ People Brunchin’

Our waiter Marcelo, originally from Brazil was a gem, we had unlimited mimosas and he was very adamant about making sure we didn’t get too tipsy, which for a bunch of young people vacationing it was kinda of like “whatchumeann? pass the dranks!”, but as he got comfortable and realized we can hold our own he kept them coming. We ordered, and the food took awfully long to come out, granted we were a large group & Marcelo did let us know that there was only ONE cook at the back, yes,ONE cook! Then orders came out backwards so the people that ordered last got their food first, so for those that ordered first it was an even longer wait; that was a mess! I had nutella french toast with strawberries, hash browns and scrambled eggs with bacon. The french toast was, meh. They were a bit dry and too thin and they really didn’t taste like french toast, I like to taste the cinnamon & sugar in my french toast, it just wasn’t there for me. The nutella combo was good but would’ve been better with a more flavorful bigger french toast.IMG_2156The hash browns were yummy, perfectly cooked! I added maybe a dash of salt but it could’ve went without it, they were delicious! Perfectly crusted on the outside and well done and fluffy inside.IMG_2155Then there were the eggs and bacon, MY eggs were good, I got them scrambled with cheese & red onions. I put an emphasis on MY because some of my friend’s eggs were too wet and soggy; they couldn’t even eat it. The cheese on mine wasn’t too much and my eggs were perfectly cooked. The bacon was, well..bacon! I don’t think you can go wrong. IMG_2154Overall it was a pretty great atmosphere, with Marcello tending to us and except for the wait time and dry toast, it was a nice place. Bistro 1902 gets 3 FORKS.


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