Restaurant Reviews: Houston Edition.

Made my way to Houston for a five day vacay to visit a close friend so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try some of the food down there, I mean why not ?I had my mind set before I left NY that I wanted to try at least three restaurants while out there to kick off the food review section of my blog. My approach to restaurant reviews will be pretty straight to the point; vibe of the restaurant, how the food was and anything else I felt stood out at that given time, my over all experience. I’ll be rating my over all experience by forks, 5 forks being an overall great experience and highly recommended and 1 being a horrible experience and not recommend.

L.A Fisherman


Seafood, Seafood, Seafood! This place had the whole fisherman, fishing, out on the sea vibe, loved it. I’d never been to a place like this before so I was excited because I loveee seafood! We ordered  1lb of shrimp, 1lb of crawfish, 6 potatoes, 6 corn &  got it with this mild spicy seafood seasoning. OH MY GOODNESS, so yummy the shrimps were perfectly cooked, the potatoes were boiled in the perfect amount of salt and don’t even get me started bout the corn. The  seasoning we requested was really spicy but went perfectly with everything, nothing a lil water couldn’t handle. Each table was equipped with a roll of paper towel, cause it gets DIRTY no forks, spoons or knives at this type of sit down. I know I was satisfied when the next day I wanted to go back for more, not to mention it was all reasonably priced. With that being said I give L.A Fisherman 3 1/2 forks!

 Max’s Wine Dive


So now we have Max’s Wine Dive, This place was so elegant.When you walk in to the left there is a wall full of wine from the floor up to the ceiling. The art in there was so amazing I had to ask the waiter  who drew them. It was also PACKED, so packed we had to have a seat at the bar which wasn’t a problem. Now to the food, I politely looked around to see what others were eating ( not being obvious or intrusive) and I noticed lots of people had their french toast which was at least 3 inches thick! it looked huge and I just wasn’t in the mood for all that bread at the moment so I decided to get their Jake Cakes & Wings, which was basically three southern fried wings on top of three southern-style corn-jalapeno cornbread griddle cakes with maple syrup. Sound riskyyy right? Well let me tell you, it was DA BOMB!  the pancakes were amazing, I was a little nervous at first but you have to take risks with food and I’m down for the risks, the jalapeno, corn, cornbread combo worked perfectly together. It was so light and fluffy and the maple syrup gave it that great sweet meets savoy kick. The fried chicken were made with buttermilk and were crunchy, tender and seasoned to complement the pancakes, perfection. I enjoyed every bit of it. Max’s Wine Dive gets a 4 Forks :).

Shipley Do-nuts


We did a quick run into Shipleys, I only got one glazed donut and it was so melt in your mouth yummy, usually I’m not a fan of donuts because the donut would be sweet then the icing is sweet and I’m not much of a sweets type of person, its something I have to be in the mood for, but the donut itself wasn’t too sweet, so when I bit into it the glaze wasn’t too much for me and it all just melted and came together accordingly, was so yummy. Shipley Do-Nuts gets 3 forks :).


Grand Lux CafeIMG_0410

Grand Lux Cafe !, Oh Grand Lux… This place was big and beautiful in the downtown sector of Houston, besides it being freezing in there it was a decent place and set up. Unfortunately, that’s about as much positivity I can say about Grand Lux Cafe. I just wasn’t impressed by their food at all. For starters I had their calamari (seafood fiend), the breading on the calamari was horrible and it was just a bit over cooked, not to mention the plate it was on was soaked in oil, no bueno. I had their Mac N’ Cheese made with a  fusilli rigati type pasta, it was just not boiled enough, it was hard I actually asked them to take it back and off my bill (Nicely), not only that but it was very bland with just lots of bread crumbs on it, wasn’t wow’d, at all. Then the entree I had was the Indochine Shrimp and Chicken, the description stated it was a fused Chinese and Indian flavored dish. There was shrimp, chicken, onions, sauteed in a spicy sauce of curry, plum wine and a little cream topped with sun-dried cherries and apricots with steamed rice. Cool. sounds yummy and flavorful! It was a little shy of that, all those flavors manifested but it was just something in there that was too powerful, I want to say it was the curry, I’m not sure what type of curry it was but it just didn’t mesh well for me it had great potential though, the shrimp was cooked well as well the chicken, the sauce was just too powerful for me. I also tried some of my friend’s chicken and shrimp alfredo and it tasted like…..milk. That’s all I’ll say about that. Grand Lux Cafe gets half a fork.


The Breakfast Klub


Holy SMOKES! The Breakfast Klub was my favorite place in Houston thus far and believe it or not its where we stopped before our flight back to NY, so I went out with a bang. First lets talk about the set up, none like I’ve ever seen before. You walk in, place your order at the counter, they give you a number to place on your table which you go and pick yourself. There’s a section where you can grab your coffee, knives, forks, spoons, napkins, condiments, whatever! So you gather those things, take your seat and in less than 5 mins of ordering someone brings your food out, ummm amazing. So I got chicken and waffles, I had to. Let me tell you something.. these were the best chicken and waffles I’ve had at a restaurant so far. The chicken was seasoned to the tea, you could tell they soaked it in buttermilk and hot sauce then whatever they put in their breading..blessings! It was delishhh. Then the waffles, were so fluffy and sweet, I didn’t even need syrup it was perfect on its own, I wish I had some in front of me right now to break it down to you more in depth but it was great! from the set up to the food I loved it & do you guys see the art on the walls? Love. so you know I’m giving The Breakfast Club 5 Forks 😀




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